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Helipad and Helideck Lights

APS AVIATION is a distributor of high-quality obstacle lighting products. We offer medium and low intensity obstacle lighting, weather barriers, HAPI SYSTEM (Helicopter Approach Path Indicator) systems. Obstacle lighting control systems. Offered products are made of the highest quality materials and meet the requirements of aviation regulations - which is confirmed by the manufacturer's certificates. Products for landing sites are compliant with international ICAO and FAA regulations.
Unlike commercial companies, our experience in the industrial sector allows us, together with Dutch partners, to comprehensively solve customer problems both in terms of selection, as well as the implementation and commissioning of a complete installation.

The main applications of the products offered by us are:

    Lighting Heliports, Helipad , Helideck,
    Lighting of FATO and TLOF AREA
    Lighting the approach path of the helicopter to the landing pad,
    System of the approach path to the HAPI SYSTEM landing field
    Lighting of airfield surfaces (HELIPAD - HELIDECK)
    Wind Direction Indicator(full technical specification with ICAO regulations)
    Obstruction lighting of buildings,
    Obstacle lighting of wind turbines,
    Obstacle lighting of high-voltage lines,
    Obstruction lighting of air traffic control towers,
    Obstacle lighting of measuring masts,
    Obstruction lighting of telecommunications masts,
    Obstacle lighting of power lines.



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